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Do you own a pet or are planning on getting yourself an animal friend? If you live in Belgium you probably know the drill already, but if you’re about to move to the country with your pet you should know some rules apply and some actions need to be taken. For example, your pet must be identified with a microchip and has to be vaccinated against rabies. For further clarification on this and other important related topics, check this website

Belgium offers outstanding healthcare, education, and public facilities. Expats are attracted to the high living standards in this country: the community of expats in Belgium is almost a tenth of the country’s population.

There are three main regions in Belgium:

Belgium’s rich history and beautiful art will make you fall in love with this country. On top on that, you can find in most places traditional food such as mussels and fries, waffles and great quality chocolate, and you’ll most likely find a great variety of Belgian beer across the country, especially in the big cities.

The whole country has very pretty buildings and landscapes to admire, and if you own a dog you'll find that, wherever you live in Belgium, you have beautiful surroundings where you can take him/her for a walk. If you feel like going for a longer trip, you might want to bring your four-legged friend to the dog-friendly beaches of West Flanders, for a walk in the High Fens, in Liège, or even for an exploring day at Rivierenhof Park, in Antwerp.

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