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Do you own a pet and are planning to move to The Netherlands? Or do you and your animal companion already live in the country? Having health advice and care from a certified veterinarian is essential for your pet’s happiness and well-being. The veterinarian you choose can guide you on important topics such as vaccination and regular check-ups, and will make sure your pet has the best care possible.

Whether you own a dog, a cat, an exotic animal, livestock, or even an animal rescue facility, you will find a specialist here that can help you and your pet. The veterinarians in our platform work in hospitals and clinics, and some of them even do house calls and appointments via phone. No matter what you need: if it's related to the veterinarian field, the veterinarians at can help you.

If you live in the Netherlands you probably know the drill already, but if you’re about to move to the country with your pet you should know some rules apply and some actions need to be taken. For example, you’ll need to present your pet’s passport when moving into the country with your pet and, if you are a dog owner, you’ll need to register your dog with the local town hall and the Municipal tax office upon arrival. It is highly advisable to plan ahead, as paperwork for bringing your pet with you to the Netherlands might take months to get sorted. For further clarification on this and other important related topics, check this website.

The Netherlands is a country known for its tolerance and openness. Besides speaking Dutch as their native language, most Dutch people speak English, especially in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. But even though these are the most famous and populated cities, there’s so much more to discover across the various cities and towns of the Netherlands. The Hoge Veluwe National Park, the tulip gardens, and the old windmills of Kinderdijk are just a few of the stunning yet unspoiled places in the Netherlands. If you own a dog, why not explore these areas with them?

Search on for your area and the language(s) you speak, and you will be matched with vets and veterinarians that speak your language. Make sure you find a vet that matches your pet on our website!

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